How to get into

The airport and how to get  into the old city

There are the intense construction works inside and outside the airport. Then do not panic, you have to ask where is an actual bust stop. Then take the bus 292 and depart at the “Cracovia” stop (closest to the university and the workshop venue;  10-15 minutes to walk) or at the final stop “Dworzec Główny Wschód” close to the main rail station but on the opposite side to the old city. Then you may walk to the workshop venue, which takes about 40 minutes.

Other two busses i.e. 208 and 902 (a night bus) will bring you to the main rail station (the same final stop as for 292). It is about half an hour to go by bus. If you don’t like a bus you may take a taxi, e.g.  + 48 12 258 0 258, about 20 euro to the workshop venue.